Sunday, June 24, 2012


Although the AC chelation #round 1 was abandoned early today after my attempt to dose at 330am, there are still a few observations that I would like to share while Jaden was on the round.

Jaden was much more calmer personality wise, compared to his normal days of tantrum that sparks off easily.

I felt that his mind was clearer and that he understands more or finds alternate ways to communicate his desires/wants to us in a more effective way rather than just being whiny and pulling or pushing, which he usually would do.

Eye contact was superb and he seemed really loving, hugging and kissing both Mr and I whenever he can, or feels like it. It was as if he was doing it appropriately and according to how he feels, instead of just doing it when we ask for it. :)

I am not sure if this was due to placebo or it really happened but I do see positive improvements in Jaden when he was on the round. 

This concludes my observation on this FAILED #round 1 of our AC chelation experience. 


Everything was going so well, until the 330am dosing on Saturday night. 

I don't understand, he took it so well the night before but last night, he put up a fight and only had a bit of DMSA in him but spit most of it out and I did not know what to do? 

Its not like any other supplement where they have it half, and half out and you can still re-feed them them supplement again until they take it all in.

So I decided not to take the risk of overdosing him and decided to abandon this round. So, the next time you see me saying I am on Round 1 chelation again, that is because this is a failed round, its not considered a round. 

Come to think of it, that I had just finally figured out the right dosage for antifungal for him after all the giggling episode from his third dosage and now, this failure from my side.

For now, I need to figure out the right trick/moves to give it to him without him even realizing and sleeping on.. gonna be rather challenging, this one for his mouth is so shut tightly when he sleeps, not to mention even after I make my way past his tight-shut mouth, I have to fight the battle against those clenched teeth. *sigh*

Even during the first half days he was on his round, he had displayed some positive behavior and he also seemed rather pleasant, he was even more aware, alert as you can call that and the eye contact, it was wonderful !!

I feel like such a failure like now but I shall console myself that I was very sick. Next round, I shall be more alert and 'tricky' during those night/early morning feeds. 

So, conclusion to my much-anticipated round 1 of AC chelation = FAILED !!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 1 # Round 1 on AC Chelation

So here I am, sitting in front of the computer, all bright-eyed, runny stuffed nose, nursing a rather bad sore throat which if I am not careful, Mr fever might just trail along to party and a headache.

Just popped two panadols and clarinase and downing as much water as I can and waiting for the next round of chelation dosing for Jaden, which will take place at 1130am.

Yes, so far, I have succeeded feeding it to him -330pm / 730pm / 1130pm / 330am / 730am ... This is how AC Chelation is like. 4 hourly dosing for the next 72 hours and then days off until the next Friday comes and we go on a round 2 provided Jaden is all healthy and shows no sign of being attacked by nasty fever/flu/tummy bugs. *touch wood*

He had been rather pleasant on the first dosage, that I badly want to believe that it is the chelation's doing.

Jaden was actually sitting down on the floor, crossed his legs by himself and he was sitting there for quite some time without getting up to jump and stim. It was incredible. 

Second dosing come, he was still pretty alright, seems rather aware of things and by the third dosing, he was all giggly. 

In a euphoric state of mind, I am guessing he was having a yeast flare up, so I am going to try to add in OoO together with Nystatin and see how it goes today.

It had been quite a crazy day yesterday, a little overwhelmed with additional supplements I have to make sure he takes and on top of that, drinking extra load of water than he usually already have. 

Imagine this..

Morning on an empty stomach, I give him 1 Digestive Enzyme and 1 Candidase (20-30 min before breakfast).

Trick him into bathing before meal, and then immediately after his breakfast, I give him 1 Folinic Acid, 1 Magnesium Glycinate, 1 DMG, 1 P5P, 1 Ester-C Bio, 1 CoQ10, 2 Nystatin, 2ml of GPC Liquid, 5ml of Cod Liver Oil (CLO) and a drink of 1/4teaspoon of Calcium Citrate mixed with drink. 

One half hour after, I pop 1 Humaworm in him and wait for another one half hour before I pop in 1 Zinc Picolinate and 1 Factor 6 (probiotics) into him.

Which gives me another one hour before I start on giving him 1 Digestive Enzyme and 1 Candidase again and wait for 20-30 minutes before his next meal.

After lunch, its 1 Magnesium Glycinate, 1 Folinic Acid, 2 Nystatin, 1 Milk Thistle and 1 Cognitive Factor.

30 minutes before meal time, another round of 1 Digestive Enzyme. 

After dinner, its 1 Magnesium Glycinate, 1 Ester C-Bio, 5ml of CLO, 1 Milk Thistle and another drink of 1/4 teaspoon of Calcium Citrate mixed with drink.

Nearing which, it would have been about 10something at night, one half hour after his dinner, I pop the second Humaworm in him, wait out for another hour or one half before I send him to bed with 1 Zinc Picolinate and 1 Factor 6. 

All those supplements, of course the four hourly dosing DMSA in between. 

Today, I have to figure out where to fit in the 2drops of OoO. If the 2drops 2x daily OoO does its' job in keeping the yeast at bay, then I shall keep the dosing at that. If not, then I will have to add on another additional 2drops after dinner tomorrow, which I will probably wait out and observe  first for today.

Speaking of which, I have yet to figure out and read back on his DAN's note on what supplement to give him to back his immune system up after doing a round of chelation. *sigh* 

On top of feeling a little overwhelmed with a sudden influx of the additional supplements, the 'badly sick' me have to be alert at all hours because Mr has ZERO ideas on what I am currently doing, giving Jaden and how to give it to Jaden. 

All I want to do is just to breezefully sail pass this #Round 1, so I can end this procrastination and move on a step closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. 

p/s: Crap, I forgot totally all about Epsom Salt Bath and applying gluthation transdermally. What an idiot I am !!


Finally.. after nearly over a year of procrastination, I have finally cut up the DMSA into 5mg each for the coming next 72 hours.

God, please give me the mental strength to sail through the 72 hours easily with Jaden complying to taking the DMSA without throwing any fuss.

Got my other supplements ready on hand too that has to be double dosage from normal days. 

I can do this! 

For a better tomorrow, that is...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dunking the Dump

We are now on two capsules of Humaworm a day and I think I lost count of how many days it has been but I have been seeing his body releasing things on its own.

I am not talking about seeing live or dead worms coming out together with his poo but small tiny red bumps/dots appearing randomly on his body. Today, it might be on his thighs, then tomorrow, I will spot another tiny red bump on his arms, and the next day.. you get the idea.

Feeling quite alarmed over it as rashes also came and go, I try to google what could be causing it and it seems that it might be symptoms of yeast. From my understanding, Humaworm does not only play the role of being anti-parasite alone but also in clearing toxins out. You can read all about it here

So, I am just going to sit back and wait till the 30 days are up and then wait for another 1 -2 weeks and if this condition persist, only would I consult with his doctor. However, I will still keep the doctor in the loop just to let the doc know what is going on right now.

Last week, we have been to three kindergartens, rejected by two, one -I haven't really called back to arrange for observation but they seem rather reluctant. I am still not very ready to face these rejections again so I am backing down for a while before trying out again. 

Jaden took a dump at W's house last night. In the toiletbowl. Words cannot describe how beautiful that moment was to me. I know, its poo we are talking about and where does the word beautiful fit in right? BUT it was indeed how wonderful that very moment was and I hope, that is going to be the beginning of him accepting to sit on the toiletbowl to do his business and no longer have to have his diapers on to let those nasties out. 

I noticed though, that his poo was floating and in one of the books I read, floating poo would mean he is very yeasty. Yikes.

and the irony of all that, I was just telling W how constipated Jaden had been for the past two days and if he did not poo last night, it would have been his third day constipated and there, he decided to let it out. *beams in pride*

Jaden is currently now on Nystatin 2x daily and I just started giving him Candidase and P5P today. Seems he is tolerating P5P rather well compared to B-Complex, no aggresiveness or irritation shown.. 

I am gearing up to start AC chelation this weekend. Yes. No more procrastination as I am really getting into desperate mode. This very weekend, which means tonight, I will be like some druggie dividing two 25mg capsule into 5mg and putting them into little paper packets, ready to be mixed with his drinks. 

God, I pray you will give me the strength to go through these three days of chelation, making it a breeze through. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Humaworm : Day 8

Jaden had been rather a pleasant boy today. 

In addition to his Humaworm, I added on GPC 2droppers full instead of 2drops full and feedbacks I got back from his therapist were good. 

He seemed to be much more aware of his surroundings and can take instructions well like when I told him to stay inside the trolley when he was about to climb out of them and he obediently followed my instructions.

He has yet to poo. as of right now this moment but will let him down more water and see how it goes in awhile.

Gonna be an early turn-in to bed tonight for us as we have an early morning appointment with his DAN tomorrow in the heart of KL. Wish me luck , for the morning work jam I am going to be facing...

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Humaworm : Day 7

According to the Chinese calendar, there will be full moon and me, being me, doing my math all wrong, has started Jaden a week earlier than expected on his Humaworm but well, its all good I guess, since I have the capsules all planned out for the next 31 days to come. 

He seems pretty good today, once or twice with his usual screams and whine for doing something he is pretty sensitive to; sensory play.

Today I had him off potty training as we ran out of shorts for him, since he had used up most of them yesterday, during his naughty-period and thankfully, with the sun shining down on us today, hot and bright, I took the opportunity to do his laundry bulks by bulks. Yes, we can use up to almost all his shorts when he decides to be mischievous and pee on his pants to escape work tasks.

I added a new supplement to his list today.

I am not sure if I am doing it right so I just emailed his DAN to make sure I am on the right track. The instruction says 2 full droppers but at the moment, I just gave him 2 drops. Shall wait for his DAN's reply, hopefully tomorrow when he reads the mail. 

GPC is supposed to help with his brain activity.

In a nutshell, I am feeling rather desperate to help him to get onto the right neuro-typical track as much as I can because suddenly, I realized my baby is already 5 this year, turning 6 next year which means he might only have 2 or 1 more year before he attends Standard One and we are no where near any kindergarten enrolment. 

His behavior makes me doubtful that headmasters/mistress would want to have him with them for he can be really stubborn and aggresive. :( 

Talk about big dreams but I have my eyes on two schools currently for him. I know the pricing is atrocious but I want to enrol him in a good school with a safe environment, where there are as little students to one teacher as possible.

I am eyeing two schools, one that is just a walking distance from my place right now, and another most probably 20-30 mins drive away ... 

Everyday, this issue is a constant battle on my mind. How do I go about with his application? What would they say? 

That is why I am very desperate to want to try whatever ways that can get him to be as calm as possible and if possible, pay attention and just be non-violent when he gets frustrated.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Humaworm : Day 6

This was a bad day for us, therapist and me.

He, sort of, reverted back to his old ways of screaming and the temper, it was atrocious. 

He was pretty fine in the afternoon when we attended speech therapy but when it was time for his ABA, and that took place after his dinner, which he should pretty be in a good mood was a total horror.

I was there in class, to witness firsthand on his behaviour which I was so disgusted with. I am amazed how his therapist could refrain from even raising her voice at him for I just want to charge at him with a cane and give him a good piece of my mind.

Work tasks that needed his concentration was pushed away, almost immediately and he screamed and cried as if he was abused. Then he started to push everything off the table and even wanted to flip the table over.

When he failed in doing so, he tried to lunge at the therapist and wanted to bite her or the things nearby. We though that by giving him his chewy tube to vent out his frustration might help, but apparently not for long.

The therapist made me observe that when Jaden has his spectacles on, he will not side gaze that much but without the specs, he will be doing the side glancing so often, he is distracted from what he is supposed to do and when the therapist stops him from doing that, he will once again revert to his attack mode.

We decided to end his therapy class early as there were no point continuing.

He would use pee-ing accidents to get out from doing work, and that happened too frequent until I decided to slap the diaper onto his butt, so he has no more excuse, and that too, he still succeeded in the end.

He was quite a cry-baby and a foul-tempered boy yesterday for day 5 of Humaworm. 

I am just going to observe if this is because of the full moon period happening as said by some parents where some children with parasite problems might be on their worse behavior or is it just him...

His poo for the day was rather nice-ly formed, thankfully. No constipation.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Humaworm : Day 5

I did not see much of a change in Jaden this time, other than that he is still very very hyper. 

He can't seem to sit still for less than a second.

Poo came as usual, that has some reddish-orangey combined with mustard looking poo. Smell was horrendous as it hit my nose, which I consider a lousy nose, yet it was able to pick up the stench and that could only mean it must be really rotten smelling. 

Now, rotten smelling is not good, isn't it in our context of biomed?

Speaking of which, Jaden actually poo-ed twice yesterday. :)

I am wondering if I need to crank up on his antifungal though ... well, will find out soon enough this week when we consult his DAN.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Humaworm : Day 2, 3 & 4

Day 2 Humaworm :-

I had Jaden drink about 7 -8 cups of water which made him finally poo-ed just before bedtime. He seemed rather calm with no tantrums, so it was rather a breeze through on day 2, with clear coloured pee that made me really happy.

Day 3 Humaworm :-

Jaden was rather hyper today. In fact, very. 
He kept running up and down the living room, and was stimming quite bad at the DVD player's digits and video credit rolls.
Although it was a different story in his therapy class. He was calm in there and seemed to show signs that he has already quite picked up the sign language for "More".
He did not poo last night despite pumping him with lots of water and his pee was not as clear as day 2.
Rashes and tiny bumps seems to appear, popping out on his face and his back the instant he sweats, causing him to scratch it.

Day 4 Humaworm :-

Jaden decided to pass motion after his breakfast today, quite a lot -well formed with funny orangey colour. I, of course took photo of the poo and disgust myself silly over it. Yes, I did take Day 2 photo too. Need to keep a portfolio until I meet up with his DAN and check with her if this is a normal nice healthy output from Jaden.
Will be making him drink lots of water as well, actually its a good practice to make him drink lots of water everyday. 
Shall monitor if he poos again tonight, but I highly doubt so.. but if he does, then its all for the better.