Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home-based ABA

We knew we had to send Jaden for therapies but what therapies? 

Searching around blogs, autism websites, asking around parents who have experiences in these and finally trying to sort which therapy suits Jaden best.

Finally, after giving in some consideration, Mr and I decided to do ABA first for Jaden.

We were actually torn between RDI and ABA but I wanted something more solid, something much more strict that he can stick to a schedule instead of relying on me to be the 'therapist' in the RDI therapy.

Intan Miranti from ANDI Initiative came over to the house and gave us her point of view in ABA therapy. She was really  great help. She gave us her point of view as a mother and also as a therapist. She, of course was open-minded to whom we will hire in the end and even gave me some contacts for me to call and talk to, just to let me understand which therapy schedule would suit both Jaden and I best.

Intan even gave us a rough breakdown of how much home-based would cost compared to the centre-based pricing I got from the Internet and calls made. She explained to us the pros and cons and boy, these therapies don't come cheap. Really really not cheap. One month of the therapy can costs somehow  more than my annual private school fees back in my days.Centre-based? Well, one of the centre's one month fees costs as much as today's private school annual fee. Yes! That is how expensive these treatments are to have these children recover.

When we decided to go ahead with ABA, Intan truthfully told me she was not sure if she could take my case up, because she had other things running too from her organization. She recommended me another well-known supervisor, Carmen.

I was so grateful when Carmen agreed to take my case up. She has already taken on about 40 families, and to be able to slot me in was heaven-sent. Partly was also due to where I was staying. I practically stay 10 minutes away from her. 

Carmen, too came over to the house to evaluate Jaden and told us her plans for Jaden. Then she set out to find us suitable therapists whom she thinks will be able to handle Jaden and after months of me hoping to get Jaden started on therapy, my prayers were answered. Carmen smsed me in the middle of February and told me she found me two therapists for Jaden and a meeting was set up. That was possibly what made my whole Chinese New Year seems hopeful and happier.

Fast forward, today in the morning and early afternoon, was Jaden's first ABA class with his two therapists.

We were actually expecting some cries, resistance but *touch wood* it all went smoothly and the only resistance we got was he did not want class to end! 

Well, this is another step forward taken, another new beginning and I pray that more positivity will follow along.