Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Humaworm : Day 1

They stated 4 days before the full moon.

I started giving Jaden his very first capsule of Humaworm today, and made him drink a lot of water. A lot !

I was warned about the die-off reaction, which might be worse than die-offs from antifungal but so far, so good.

He has pass motion for the day, *phew* which I was really praying hard that he won't have his usual constipation which had come and go these few days.

I even took photo of his poo, to document the journey and am still contemplating if I should post it up here. Hmm.. not a very good idea it seems? Might just make all my readers disappear then.

BUT, should I find anything out of the ordinary, then maybe I will post those pics up. Someone out there might just want to know what comes out after the de-worming med goes in, don't they?  

Anyway, I gave him at about 5pm today, 30 minutes before mealtime as stated. 

Soon, after I find him stable on 1capsule a day, I would prolly move it to 2 caps a day till I complete that 60 caps for a 30 day course.

Praying hard for positive outcome from this anti-parasite protocol since his eosinophils are at quite an alarming number. 

So, this is my day 1 report. Everything as normal as possible. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Today would be our 3rd day on OoO, and while his pee is still quite yellow, not as neon as the first day as I am making Jaden down as much water as he can, I am still not satisfied with his urine colour.  

Anyway, today I decided to cut down on his DMG, which he was taking 3 daily, I cut it to just 2x daily, once after breakfast and one after lunch and it seems that his hyperness toned down compared to the previous two days.

I was told Vit B might make them hyper, to be given with folinic acid to keep it down but since the boy is already taking B-Complex and DMG has Methyl-12 in it, I guess it only make sense that I cut his DMG and well, it shows wonderful results.

What worries me now is that he has not poo-ed since yesterday. Constipation? but he has been taking his digestive enzymes and magnesium glycinate as usual. So what could be the problem this time? I don't like it when he does not do his daily business. It means bad news to me.

Anyway, since my apartment management decided to shut the electricity down for some electric maintenance today from 9-5pm, I took Jaden out with me to run some errands and to shop for his ABA therapy toys.

We went to the petshop and got my rabbits two new cages. He waited patiently for me without attempting to runaway. :)

Then we drove to Ikano and there we started our shopping spree at the RM5 shop, toys'r'us, Popular and JustLife and boy, this is a rare situation where I do not need to hold his hands and he will just walk beside me, not even jumping or stimming. He was just walking nicely, well-behaved, not pulling out things or sticking himself to the floor. At times, he would just come and hold my hand. This, I dare do as there are not much of a crowd on a weekday. I would never let his hands go if the usual weekend crowd is there. 

He was pretty calm, during the day. I used the word WAS because I just heard him scream at his therapist in the room. Not that calm afterall as Jaden usually put up such behavior to avoid new tasks or things he is not confident enough to do but once he gets it, he is pretty a good boy. :)

Overall, today has been rather pleasant :) :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Florescent Neon

Today certainly got both my eyes opened wide as the little gush of pee coming out from Jaden was bright florescent yellow. 

You did not read wrong. It was the same coloured as those traffic policemen's jacket. That was the colour.

Looked kinda alien to me, if you ask me.

Anyway, since today was the very first time I introduced his natural antifungal to him, Oil Of Oreganol (OoO) and of all the other supplements that he has been downing currently had not shown any difference in pee, so I guess this is the one that turned his pee into such a colour.

I did asked other parents if they experienced it, but I got a reply that it might be due to Jaden not drinking enough water.

Therefore, I shall check again tomorrow after I pumped him with lots of water.

Currently, we are doing 2drops x2daily of OoO. The smell is very strong, so I am guessing the taste must be really strong too because Jaden cried after taking the 2drops I dripped into his piece of orange. 

He was ok when I dripped a drop each on to his meat though. I think I should just stick to drip OoO into his food instead of fruit instead.

We have finished our bottle of Kirkman B6 vitamins and is now continuing with Pure Encapsulations' B6 Complex

I am not sure if its the Vitamin B that is making him a little hyper than usual or its the OoO doing its stuff, as his therapist commented that hes more jumpy today. As in he is jumping more than usual (one of Jaden's stimming actions) but temper and mood wise, Jaden is pretty well behave so well, he can go jump all he wants right now. As long as it does not affect any other area in him. So fast, already a die-off reaction? OoO that strong to him?

I was advised to keep the hyperness at bay, I need to top him with Folinic Acid which I am already doing that. I give him Kirkman Folinic Acid 800mcg once a day. Wondering if its already enough or should I give twice daily instead? Shall consult Dr Rina when I see her in two weeks. The experts say folinic acid is better than folic acid for some people. Well, the proof is here, as excerpted from the Kirkman product facts, "In some individuals, the use of natural folinic acid may be more beneficial than folic acid, because folinic acid already has attached four hydrogen and one methyl group, thereby shortcutting the complicated biochemical process.  For that reason, some doctors are recommending folinic acid instead of folic acid supplementation."

Jaden is supposed to do epsom bath but I have yet to get him a big tub to soak himself in it. Toilet is a bit too small but well, since this is something that has got to be done, I have to find one that fits. 

Speaking of things that I am worried about right now is in regards to his most recent blood test. His urea seems rather dehydrated. His DAN doctor mentioned that either that he was not drinking enough water or that might be a problem with his protein metabolism. 

Do you know what protein metabolism disorder would mean to me? 

It would mean that his body is unable to break down protein, therefore the ammonia pileup is going to be dangerous. It could mean liver failure, the liver failing to do its job to detoxify. ??!!!

Protein metabolism presents some serious waste management challenges for the body. When protein is broken down, one of the by-products is ammonia. Ammonia is toxic, so our bodies have elaborate systems for getting rid of it. Most of the detoxifying work falls to our liver. There, ammonia travels a multistep pathway featuring five enzymes that turn it into urea, to be excreted in urine. People with rare genetic deficits that interfere with the urea cycle often die in childhood. Other mutations, though, may be responsible for some problems in adults, reports the May 2007 issue of the Harvard Health Letter.

One in 8,000 American children has a genetic defect that causes one or more of the enzymes involved in ammonia processing to be defective or scarce. As these children start to consume protein, the ammonia begins to pile up. Treatment includes protein restriction, medications that sop up extra ammonia, dialysis, and possibly liver transplant. The death rate is high.

Urea cycle disorders are viewed as rare and primarily pediatric conditions, but there might be a whole range of unrecognized, genetically determined problems with protein metabolism experienced by adults. Some people may have mild mutations that compromise a gene’s function and cause slight symptoms. This may explain why one person eschews meat while another loves nothing more than a steak meal. Defects in protein metabolism may also explain why some people have bad reactions to high-protein diets like the Atkins diet.
as excepted from HERE

Did you read what I read?? 


Not only that, his eosinophil counts are quite high.

and the risks is crazy, making my heart skips a beat each time I read it. 

High numbers of eosinophils (eosinophilia) are usually associated with allergic diseases and infections from parasites such as worms. A high eosinophil count may be due to:

Crazy isn't it? At only age 5 ... oh boy, I am going to start by giving him his de-worming medicine which I bought from Humaworm. From there, after finishing the antiparasites, I shall do another re-test and more test if that means I can prevent or combat whatever that is coming Jaden's way. Nothing is going to stop me from making him as healthy as he can get. 

*sigh* Where did I go wrong? :(