Monday, September 24, 2012

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol #Round 3

Today's #round 3 of AC chelation ended at 10am.

I started my #round 3 @ 10am last Friday.

I was really inspired to carry on doing it this weekend (21st Sept -24th Sept) despite from the negative behavior I had from Jaden the previous week.

Surprisingly two days before I started on this #round3, I discovered that Phosphatidylserine was a magic pill. At least it was to me.

It was prescribed to Jaden by Dr Erwin back in June 2011 but I never got round to giving him that supplement after all the other supplements that I had been slowly giving him on Dr Rina's prescription and trust me, there were just too many that I felt sorry for the boy so I was keeping it at the most minimum and also the ones that are the most important. 

I remembered reading about Phosphatidylserine in the Fight Autism and Win book, that it does wonders for mood. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating about the word wonders but what the book wrote was actually 'improve concentration, focus and mood, modulate cortisol lever @ 100 - 200mg per day and the softgel I had from Dr Erwin's clinic is 500mg (derived from soy lecthin) but it was a risk I am willing to take as the book claims the positive reaction and the note on the bottle by Dr Erwin to me was it was for neurological. So why not, right?

AND... it was MAGIC!

His therapists commented on his behavior for the two days he was on that magic pill that he could sit longer, level of concentration is back and that he is so different from the past two/three weeks they had classes with him. It was a total 360 change in Jaden's behavior. 

I did not give it to Jaden on Saturday or Sunday. He was a bit naughty but nothing that I could not tolerate so it was all good. 

These two days, last night and today, he was rather weepy. On and Off he would cry for no reason but then again, I am also weighing in other possibilities that might not be the doing of DMSA but the food he ate last night. Either the rice last night or the gfcf cake he had for trial run. Going to monitor again tonight for the cake after his dinner because with Jaden, reaction to food allergy is almost instantaneous. 

I am so glad that this round is over and I shall be taking the next weekend off as its his birthday this coming Friday. Now, its back to catching up on lost sleep for me  :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Developmental Pediatrician -First Appointment

I made the call in February. I was then told, ok, we will slot you in.. the next available slot will be in Oct 29th. 

and my reply was none other than, "Of course, I would love to have that slot!"

It was utmost important that I have Jaden to go have a go-see with Dr Ranjini, who is a developmental pediatrics. I have procastinated on this matter since 2011 when all of Jaden's therapists had asked me to arrange an appointment with her and ask for a proper diagnosis for that ass of a Dr Quack in Taman Desa was nothing but a Quack, a Fraud and best of all, to put a label on him, a conman who is out there to milk money off helpless, desperate parents.

I actually called up Baby and Beyond, the clinic in Bangsar Village II, which Dr Ranjini does go to. I opted for that clinic instead of Sunway Hospital is because, first, its a hospital. Second, its in Sunway and I rather head on to Bangsar anytime. 

One Wednesday, the clinic called us and asked if I would be able to go in the next day as they have a cancellation and I am next on the list. 

I answered YES without hesitating, hear what the lady had to say to me -what to bring (med certs/immunization cards/tests) and then after we hung up the call, I started to panic.

Oh dear! Jaden was not on his best behavior for quite some time now. Its been about 2 weeks since hes on a complete rebel mode, monster mode.. whatever negative mode you can think of, he is that!

but still, I would not give up on this meeting.

We went in the next day, just Jaden and I and after filling up the necessary forms, it was our turn to enter the room. 

Dr Ranjini -first impression of her. She is a very approachable lady, someone whom you will NOT dislike at first sight and is very kid-friendly, somehow a sternness somewhere but it was all good. She asked, she listened, she observed, she tried to engage him in play and work only to be met by a boy who prefers to jump down from her chair, rummage her table instead of the table set out for him. Obsessed with certain puzzle pieces, trying to squeeze into her couch, hopefully he can just blend right in or something like that. 

He was not the compliant boy that I used to know. He showed a bit of temper when asked to do work or coming for tabletime. *sigh*

There are times when he will have his eye contact looking at things earnestly, like when Dr Ranjini took out a ball and played ball with him.. 

After one hour in the room, the boy decided he had enough and opened the door by himself and went out to the reception area by himself.

Luckily there were no other patients or family around, so she allowed him to go out and we carried our conversation by the door, keeping an eye on him while we chatted on. 

What I like about Baby and Beyond clinic is that their main glass door is locked and could only be opened with the buzzer so it really felt safe and that they have a big bus that the children can play pretend as a bus driver, a big play house... Jaden? He was interested in the big glass window looking out and also the brochures. Trust me, when we left the clinic, it looked as if the tornado hit the brochure shelves. 

It was a very reasonable fee she charged us for that 1.5hr session compared to Dr Quack. I really hope karma will hit him back on prowling on parents like us. Dr Ranjini informed us that she will be sending the report in a week or two, so now we are waiting again, for her diagnosis.

Whatever it is, I would think I am alright with it by now as I have come to terms about my son's condition. So with this report, it would only really be a guiding light for me on which issue I would want to address first and work on...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol #Round 2

I have to admit that I am rather a procrastinator and I really need to be pushed to do something. Thankfully there is a mother who really pushes me each time I see her to carry out my next round of chelation for Jaden.

After the first successful round of AC Chelation for Jaden, there were issues of tantrum and the worst scenario was the yeast issue then when his ass turned really red with tiny bumps appearing. He seemed to show signs of the itch too but what that put me off was that I had tried so hard to make the butt not be red anymore with the antifungal I pile on him for the past two months. 

We had a anti-yeast protocol and also the anti-parasite protocol while at that and I did see really good results from it. 

After #round 1, it was as if I had never done the anti yeast and parasite protocol before. That was what that dampened my hope but I had always known all along that yeast would be a long fighting battle until we find the right dosage, till then, it will always be a pesky persistent enemy, just not much of a big enemy if compared to the overall big boss -AUTISM.

So last two Fridays ago, at 130pm, I took out 4caps of 25mg DMSA and divided them up into 20 dosages. For an every four hour dosage, 72 hours dosing, 19 dosages altogether. Confused much? :p

I gave him his first dosage of #round2 at 230pm, then 630pm and then we went out and time was not on our side if I were to wait till 1030pm for the next dosing, so I adjusted it and gave him 1/2hr earlier -10pm and from there, all dosings were at 2,6,10,2,6,10 .. you get the drift...

#Round 2 went by really quickly in a way but this was a bad round for us. 

I observed that he was really easily agitated, temper that was really bad and that he showed signs of being aware of the boy, who he meets once a week, lets call that boy, M. 

M has always been playing with his ipad around Jaden, and at time crying or having his tantrum issue but it has never affected Jaden. This time round, both boys were fighting over the ipad, and then Jaden even went and give M a push in the back when M was crying as it affected Jaden and made Jaden wanted to cry too. It was rather confusing on whats happening and I am not sure if its a good or bad thing. 

So I have to conclude that behavior wise on #round 2 was really bad. Mall security guards thought I was kidnapping Jaden, the way he was screaming his lungs out when I have to pull him out from shop outlets that he was stimming in. It was crazy!

Anyway I was glad that the #round 2 ended and he was a bit back to being on a good behavior after the round.

Remember, I only said " a bit ..."

There are new issues I need to find out and tackle them again before it becomes an issue for me. :(

p/s: The pressing on chin and squirting the DMSA in at night on #round2 was proven not to have really be that effective compared to the first time I did it on the repeated #round1.