Thursday, October 25, 2012

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol #Round 6

Since we were away visiting my mother in law last weekend, I did not get to chelate Jaden over the weekend. Knowing that I would be out from the house, away from the boy coming Saturday, I decided to chelate him during the weekday instead.

I started on #round 6 on Monday on Jaden.

We are still currently stuck on DMSA as I am planning to purchase the ALA in 25mg capsules. 

Jaden's yeast attack is quite bad this time round. Although its not attacking in behavioral, its attacking physically on his skin. Itchy rashes are appearing around his thighs, near to his private parts, and sporadic red spots near the bottom.

I am currently trying to keep the rash in control, by applying candelula and diaper cream on him to prevent further rash growth.

He, has been peeing without showing any signs of wanting to go toilet too. He usually will show signs of wanting to pee or he will stand up and take off his own pants but he has leaking pee in class a few times. I wonder if its the cause of chelation or its just him, immersed in work and play that he forgets to quickly signal for toilet time.

I had a missed dosing timing again this round. In fact, it was a bit worse off than previous. This time, it was nearly an hour missed but because of what I was told by other parents, I continued dosing Jaden and went on with my planned 'schedule'. 

Since he did not show any negative reaction and continues to remain all cheerful, calm and better in fact.. I am glad I did not abandon round. If this was my round 1 or 2, I would have most probably abandoned round.

I caught him spitting half his DMSA out too, one time and as calmly as ever, I poured out half the pre-packed DMSA and re-dosed him. Well, 5mg is rather little according to a fellow mother and there should be no harm done compared to large doses of DMSA.

DMSA can be rather taxing on the body organs so I plan to give his body a rest real soon, maybe two weeks to recover while I prep his body with more helpful supplements. 

I just can't wait to tryout ALA, but he might get into a euphoric mode I read... *sigh* Its really true isn't it, no good things will just come without the bad, and the with the bad, comes the good. Depends on which is the greater evil I would rather have ... =)

I nearly got tempted to stop at the 64hour dosing as that was the minimum hours of dosing required but luckily I did not do that. That temptation was so bad as I was really needing the sleep. Must be the time of the month coming for me too, hence the tiredness in me but I psyched myself up, telling me that its only 3 more doses.. 3 more to complete a 72hour round. Since I have already done 64hours, I can hold long enough to last through 72 hours..

Jaden suffered from constipation this time round. 3 days of not pooing at all. Its really amazing where all the waste is stored in that tiny 5 year old body. He farted last night and it was enough to put both Mr and I out, so I can imagine how the smell would be like once I make him poo today, which is A MUST and THE GOAL OF THE DAY for me today.

I have asked some parents for advise on what 'assisting' tools/supps that could help him go and I was recommended the fastest way -glycerin suppository. Of course, there are other suggestions like taking mag citrate instead of mag glycinate, drinking a ripe banana-organic dates smoothie, George's Aloe juice ... but glycerin suppository is the most easily obtained 'tool' for me at the moment so the suppository it is for now. 

Wish me luck that his diaper is big and strong enough to hold those 3 days' waste.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dividing a 25 mg DMSA

Dividing four 25mg DMSA capsules to last me the 3days of AC Chelation process.

All I need is 19 doses with a spare one, just in case I need them ... 

My style of storing them? Tie 5 folded papers up, and pop them into the fridge until dosing time ... then only I mix them with water / orange juice as when I need them .. as it is advised NOT TO PREMIX DMSA ...

I am going to try ALA soon, maybe this Wednesday as I will be taking a break this weekend and I can't do next weekend so I will be doing the chelation during weekdays. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol #Round 5

12th October 2012  (2pm) - 15th October 2012  (2pm)

Just that when I thought I had just successfully finished my #round 4 with Jaden and was looking to a few days rest before I begin chelating again, it was Friday again and there I was, sitting at the dining table, cutting up dosages and dividing them onto the folded paper.

I am surprised that I was eager to chelate him this weekend, despite lacking of sleep. The goal I set for both Jaden, 5 years, to see if we can actually feel the light and if God allows, for us to reach that light at the end of this long dark tunnel. 

It gets easier once you pass #round 1 or maybe #round 2, when you finally, somehow created that every 4 hour dosing schedule.

This time round, I had a scare on Saturday morning. Partly my fault for trying to be hero and thinking that even if I clocked in just a few hours of sleep, I would be able to wake up as soon as the alarm goes off and quickly get the DMSA into the syringe and *touch wood* successfully syringing it into his mouth without waking him up. 

It was raining, that Saturday morning. In fact, I think it had been raining for quite some time and everybody knows, its the most perfect weather to sleep in, under the warm covers.. and that was what I did. 

My alarm went off at 950am, and I thought I would just sleep 5 minutes more.. the boy was actually awake by then, and was giggling and playing. 

I really thought that with him moving around the bed like that, giggling away, I would be able to quickly jump out of bed in 5 minutes and get the DMSA ready.

Well, I did jumped out of bed very very QUICKLY... when the clock showed 1040am.



so I panic, yet I didn't want to abandon round, thinking that 5mg is still really very little and that I was just 10 minutes late from the allowed window.

So holding that thought, I fed him that DMSA and then panic and stressed myself silly after that, not knowing if I had done the right thing, or I need to abandon the round this weekend because of my greed for 5 more minutes. 

I quickly send out SOS messages to experienced parents, online, sms and calls. 

*phew* turned out that I did the right thing and that my effort thus far was not in vain. 

One that has not gone through this over-sleeping act, will never really be able to phantom that exact feeling I had. 

I thanked the parents who replied my SOS messages.. and found it funny that I could not type " You have no idea what I have just been through.... :)"

I am sure almost every one that replied me had gone through that oversleeping moments and panic as much as I did. This is the type of unnecessary stress I need not, in addition to the lacking of sleep. :p

Seems that Jaden is good on this round too. The obvious signs of him having his yeast flaring up, are his sudden break into giggles and hyperness. *sigh*

Round ended at 2pm Monday and he was pretty fine, throughout the day... and then it all began, the   bad off-round moments.

Started early this morning, when he didn't sleep through the night soundly like what he usually does, waking up at 6am-ish and cried and cried and then played till about 8 before he got a stroke of cane by me and he fell asleep rather fast after that... and the bad behavior mode on, hyperness .. oh boy...

Will most probably be taking a break off chelation for next week and begin the week after... maybe this time I will try using ALA and observe if Jaden will behave much better on ALA alone.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol #Round 4

This week, I started my round at 10pm Friday, 5th Oct, after I got a confirmation from Mr that we won't be heading down to Melaka for the weekend to visit my mother-in-law.

I was actually hoping we won't go so that I could really carry out this chelation round. I already had a break with Jaden last week, for his 5th Birthday weekend and also both of us were not really feeling well, with the cough and all but this week, both is fine and knowing me, if I procastinate this week's round, I don't think I will be feeling the momentum to want to carry on as often as every weekend anymore.

*touch wood*

Jaden is rather well behaved on this round. I added in OmegaBrite, that reached from US through a friend to, so on top of the cod liver oil he takes daily, now, its an additional OmegaBrite once a day. I am going to monitor how it goes with his behavior and learning development, and see if I can push it up to 2 Omegabrite a day, then to 3caps daily. Supposedly I will be able to see some results in 2-3 months if taken daily. 

Jaden is taking the OmegaBrite gelcaps. Everything is so much easier now that he can swallow capsules although he has his moods, at times trying to runaway from supplement time but he will still take them in the end after some persuasion. 

" OmegaBrite's is 3x more concentrated than standard omega-3's and highly purified to 90% omega-3. Only OmegaBrite contains 70% EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in a 7:1 ratio of EPA to DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), preferred by physicians at leading academic centers world wide. EPA is the body's natural, anti-inflammatory molecule and provides a natural balance to Omega-6 Arachidonic acid. Both are essential for health. One tiny OmegaBrite 500mg softgel capsule supplies you with pure hexane free 350mg of EPA Omega 3 and 50mg of DHA omega 3 with no aftertaste and no drug like side effects."

I am starting to see yeast flareup too, although not very much in behavior, its more like red tiny bumps appearing here and there on random parts of his body. We are still currently on 4caps Nystatin and 4drops of OoO daily when doing chelation.,

Supplements taken during this time round's chelation:-

  • Before breakfast - Digestive Enzyme, Candidase, Trienza
  • During breakfast - Cod Liver Oil, Omegabrite
  • After breakfast - Magnesium Glycinate, CoQ10, Folinic Acid, Ester-C, DMG (w/ folic acid & MB12), P5P, Silymarin and 2 Nystatin and Calcium Citrate (1/4 teaspoon)
  • 2.5 hrs later - Zinc Picolinate and Factor 6 Probiotics
  • During one of the doses for chelation, I add in 2 drops of OoO together with his DMSA
  • Before lunch - Digestive Enzyme, Candidase, Trienza
  • After lunch - Magnesium Glycinate, Folinic Acid
  • Before dinner - Digestive Enzyme, Candidase, Trienza
  • During dinner - Cod Liver Oil, OoO
  • After dinner - Magnesium Glycinate, Silymarin, Ester-C, 2 Nystatin and Calcium Citrate (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Before bedtime -Zinc Picolinate, Factor 6 Probiotics

I am just wondering if I am giving Jaden enough minerals to make up for the ones he is excreting out with the DMSA...

Jaden has been having a good daily bowel movement, only that at times its nicely formed, sometimes reallyl smelly and mushy soft diarrhea like .. but as long as he does his Number 2 daily, I am pretty fine with it.

After a week of a persistent therapist who insist that he feeds himself his own dinner everytime she is here, he has learnt finally how to feed himself without any help from me. These days, I only sit with him and watch that the bowl of rice does not fall over the table but he is doing the feeding himself. Still messy of course.. which one would find bits of rice scattered all over the floor but I am not complaining. At least he is feeding himself and wants to be independent

Jaden is being much more choosy now, he is starting to make his own choice of what he wants and doesn't want. A good thing yet a bad thing when it comes to avoiding tasks but his team of therapists sure do have a way to make him complete tasks even if he didn't like them.

As for me, he sometimes challenge me, when he is not supposed to be doing something and I say no, he will purposely climb up faster or just not budge from where he is but there is nothing I can't solve with my bestfriend, Mr Cane. I have 5 bestfriends in the house, you see :)

This chelation round ends on Monday, 10pm, 8th Oct. Probably I am going to give him 1/4caps of Adrenergize on Tuesday morning to make sure his mood is stabilize.

By the way, I started gving him 1/4caps of Adrenergize two days before I started chelation with him as his mood was so foul, the Phospatidylserine did not work its magic on him anymore. Somehow, the 1/4caps of Adrenergize worked fine, giving me good boy behaviors.