Sunday, December 25, 2011

Multivitamin Forte

I once, had tried giving Jaden the Klaire Labs Multivitamin Forte and he rejected it with so much struggles and tears that I gave up trying.

This time, I am adamant to keep to my 2012 resolution and be a warrior mom and boy, he actually took it in without throwing a great fuss like before. *touch wood, hoping I am not jinxing it by saying it out loud*

To know what it tastes like and why Jaden rejects it with such great struggle, I need to try it myself to know the reason why and yes, it does taste bitter but most good stuff are bitter aren't they?

Well, this time I stuffed the capsule powder into his beloved sweet mangoes, oranges and even tried it with his soy yoghurt mixed with maple syrup to even out the bitterness. 

Although there are a few rejections every single time I bring the thing to his face, he will eventually open his mouth and eats it.

This multivitamin forte is the third item that I had introduce to him and I have been seeing some loose mushy stools. Almost similar to diarrhea but this is not the watery type. Just mushy mustard colour and he also have some well formed ones, just that it is now more to mustard coloured ones compared to his previous black, sticky hard stools that were hard to come out when he pushes. Now, its satisfactory but I am keeping my eyes open as I don't like it when his stool is in a mushy diarrhea form.

Tomorrow, I shall start on his antifungal again. Gonna be on a two weeks course again and hope that his concentration comes back again, or be a lot lot more aware than what he is now.

What I noticed that after taking his B6, he has turned a little more hyper and his stimming behaviors are back. He is starting to spin his cars, so I try to keep them out from sight, a few times I caught him walking on toes. OH NO! but that was only a few times so I am trying to observe longer just to hope those are one time cases. He also, is getting a little obsessive about things so that is a no good sign too. He sometimes do get lost in a daze, the faraway look yet he is still aware of other things and showing me other positive behaviors.

Just today, there was a display of fireworks outside my balcony, and he was actually appreciating the fireworks. We have brought him out to see fireworks before and that just went unnoticed. Today, he asked for more when it ended. He was excited and happy to see the display going off!

Then, now when his diaper is full, and he comes to me and put my hands on his diaper. As if he is trying to tell me that it is time to change his diaper and that he is feeling uncomfortable and he wants a bath YET when after he poos, he still don't show me signs of being uncomfortable. Only once, he ran to me after he pooed because he was feeling very uncomfortable and itchy due to a rash that happened. I did not notice any more of these uncomfortable signs anymore.

Is this the doing of the B6? Cant be, could it? Shall shoot his DAN doctor an email after his 14 days on difuclan. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011


It has been 10 months since Jaden started his ABA program and boy, I become a prouder parent each time, every week, every month.

Jaden has been showing good progress so far, sometimes still lost in a daze but overall, he is doing well and it puts a smile on my face everytime he puts what he learn into practice.

He had never really shown an interest in wanting to play with toys and voila! now, he can even initiate and choose the toys he wants to play and plays it with a lot of patience.

Jaden is so much more aware of his surrounding and things that are going on. He is actually quite observant as he picks up whatever he sees, imitation. He tends to imitate after a while observing.

Although we (Jaden and us) did not get to achieve a breakthrough in the verbal sector, he is much more vocal now, letting us know what he likes and what he does not by of course, if he likes a thing, he would give you a million dollar smile and if he does not agree or ain't liking what he sees in front of him, he will whine and whine and closes his eyes. As if if he can't see the things, its not there to him.

Jaden's level of understanding is also much more better. He is showing higher compliance, obeying instructions although there are times when his mood is cranky then we shall just see a screaming monster. 

I tend not to allow him to get on with his ill-mannerism. Afterall I want him to learn that he would not get the things he want by showing negative behavior. I am one parent that really can't stand naughty boys, be it a special needs child or neurotypical child. Children learn fast when it comes to bad behavior and its our duty as parents to ensure that they don't go down that road. Some people do tell me that I should not use the cane on him but well, being Asian, being me, on how I was brought up, I believe that the method works. At least it shows better results than the West where children answer back at their parents,giving smartypant answers. You might say, it allows creative thinking but sorry, I ain't liking creative thinking that way. 

Since he has been showing positive results, his ABA supervisor gave the green light to move on into other programs.

We are now going to try to teach him how to blow because one may not know it but blowing, sucking, chewing helps with his oral muscle and that might just be our little needle (key) in the haystack to help open the door to Jaden being verbal. 

Other than ABA, his DAN doctors are also pushing up more supplements like vitamin B6, MB12 shots and chelation to see if that would help with the coming of speech too. I am so afraid to hear that he might be diagnosed with Oral Apraxia, which I hope its not.. I pray hes just a late talker.. 

So how does he communicate with us, you would ask. How do we know what he wants / wants to do and all. Well, its easy to tell since we are his parents. Now I understand why my parents say even before I move, they would know what I am up to next. Jaden will physically let us know where he wants to go and what he wants to do. 

Its a long tedious journey and be it how long, as long as he is my son, I shall walk on with him down this road. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back to Step One

Most of the supplements that I acquired beginning of Jaden's biomed journey is nearing their expiry or have either been finished.

Therefore, I truthfully told Dr Erwin Kay that in truth, Jaden has not been taking his supplements the way he should and that the only thing that I am doing for Jaden is keeping him to his GFCF diet although I do slack here and there too, even in that area. :(

So, this trip down to Dr Erwin Kay, I was given another round of basic supplements and maybe more for Jaden and now I am back to step one.

Its been two days since Jaden took this first supplement from the lot, the Digestive Enzymes and I have been seeing some good poop. Yea, I can tell what good and bad poop my son is pushing out from his ass and for the past few months, his poo has been irregular. Maybe every two days once to three days once but that too, only one or two in hard form, blackish or well, you can even tell what he ate the last two three days so that is actually a NO GOOD SIGN from Jaden's medical situation.

What we like to see is well formed big ones, those you would deem satisfying. UUrrgghh right? Well, a mom got to go through all these.. can't be all squirmish eh? but if you ask me about the smell, I would tell you the answer straightaway. They all smell like shit! Smelly or not, they are still shit! Funny how his DAN doctors keep asking if they were smelly.. but I do understand what they mean. 

So after two days on Digestive Enzymes and seeing positive results, I started on the B6 capsule, once a day -to be given in the morning only as it might caused him either hyperactiveness or vivid dreams (disturbed sleep) but so far, the thing that I observed after giving him that is that he became rather down-looking, not interested in fooling around like usual, the usual laughter and all that and what his therapist said is that he was just not laughing as what he usually will do when they piggyback him or play his favourite things. He was just looking all calm and sometimes, showing signs of being sleepy.

I never knew that we need so much vitamins in us in order to function healthy. Vitamin B6 is very much needed by Jaden to progress on to the next stage and what does the vitamin B6 do to him? Well, you can read it here. Of course, we do not only rely on the supplements he take to make his body's need suffice but also with fruits, veges and meat that provides the same benefits. 

Shall see how it goes tonight, if the B6 will affect his sleep and one more time tomorrow to see if he reacts the same to the supplement. If its all good by tomorrow then I shall be introducing the next supplement on Thursday. Don't know which one yet though. LOL Maybe the probiotics Factor 6, the one with the 100+ billion strains of the good tummy bacteria. 

We are going to head on to MB12 shots and chelation to help see if it would help in the speech sector as Jaden is showing signs of progress in other matters but speech so we are all hoping that that will come even if it means slowly but before that, well, I have got lots to do for him and also another round of antifungal and then the chelation journey.


I have not been updating this blog for quite some time as I sort of, kind of gave up after a few tries and cried of rejection from Jaden when it comes to taking his supplements. 

The endless fights, tears from both ends and the non-supportive rattlings made me stop what I started a year ago.

This is, a very very selfish part on my side.

Jaden, who has no idea what he is going through right now, has only me and Mr to help him get on the road to recovery and me, just because I did not want to make my hands dirty, stopped feeding him supplements for quite some time and that, I really really hate myself deep down inside.

I am his mother, the one that is supposed to be helping him yet I am not.. but well, I have made my 2012 resolution and that is the one and only resolution I am making for the year 2012 until 2013 comes along and that is, to be the warrior mom I never was and to help Jaden fight this together even if it means bucket of tears from both end.