Thursday, November 22, 2012

Once you start, you can't stop ...

#round 8 of chelation week (19th Nov -22nd Nov) :-

##round 1 on ALA 5mg

ALA is known as Alpha Lipoic Acid.

ALA detoxification is effective for the removal of mercury and arsenic from the brain, which means to use ALA as the chelator, it will cross the brain barrier and pull these toxic metals out.

DMSA, on the other hand, does not cross brain barrier and is only effective for the removal of lead, and assists in the removal of mercury.

The reason why parents are advised to do one chelator at a time, during the first few rounds instead of doing both at the same time, is so that they would know how the child reacts to each chelator -the symptoms and such so in future, the parents can pinpoint the problem to the main cause.

We chelated during weekdays again because I find this arrangement sort of works better for me, and I get to rest during the weekend.

During the first day of ALA, the first initial feedback of mine would be I felt that Jaden did better on DMSA (first day) compared to ALA.

He was also constipated on every first day of chelation lately, including this round on ALA.

Jaden was not focusing as well as he did too on DMSA days. He seems to have less eye contact, and always in a daze.

Red dots, which I believed might just be the toxic exiting his body, started appearing randomly near his thighs and crotch area. He, too, started scratching his butt due to a few red bumps appearing over there.

There was an increased of verbal stimming and jumping too. He was just stimming away verbally and hopping around like a kangaroo.

There was also an increased of Jaden licking his palm after touching things, be it the wall, the grill door, whatever that he wanted to feel, he would feel with his hands, then onto his tongue.

ALA seems to have him waking up at nights, when he usually do sleep like a log throughout the night. Somehow, night feedings this time round weren't as smooth as it was supposed to be. He seems to have this sudden crying outburst (somewhat as if he had a nightmare).

Though he was constipated on the first day of chelation, the next two days, he actually have well-formed stools coming out from him, and they seem to not be as smelly. I know, shit are all smelly but the parents that shares the same experience as I do, will know what I am talking about when it comes to the level of smelliness. 

I triggered the second day poo by giving him the Oxycleanse supplement. That supplement do come in handy but if I could choose, I rather give natural laxative inducer such as juice, fruits or vegetables.

Supposedly, metals get excreted out in stools when one chelate using ALA, whereas metals are excreted through urine when using DMSA.

The positive side to the ALA dosing is that I did not see any yeast flare-up compared to him on DMSA.

In fact, I even gave him a shot of 0.04ml of MB12 injection on 21st Nov. I must have done it right because he did not show signs of hyperactivity.

That was my first time injecting his butt after a looooong hiatus that both Mr and I tried on him earlier this year. 

However, the successful injection on the first time did not go well the second time I tried. Instead, the needle bended and I got pricked instead. Guess I still need to figure out how to do it fast and steady on the little cow of mine. 

p/s: to understand what I am doing, do read this . =)

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