Thursday, November 29, 2012


                                                -26th Nov -28th Nov -

Feeling all gungho, but not wanting to do split my 150mg ALA into 30 parts, which will probably end up being just a speck or two on the paper, I decided to do DMSA for this round ...

While on DMSA this time round, I decided to omit rice from his diet and just gave Jaden meat and vege for mealtimes.

Well, all I wanted to say was Jaden took the diet well, but I can see that he was craving for carbs, for those sugar -those yeasty monster in him probably was practically begging to be fed with sugar ...

and that of course, did create havoc. The havoc what we parent would call a die-off behavior.

He was rather cranky and would just go weepy or have sudden outbursts of crying session. 

This time, I up-ed his Adrenergize to help with his adrenal stress, which I suspect could have been one of the culprits yet I do not rule out the die-off reaction from no carbs diet. 

I gave him red quinoa though from the second night onwards as I could see he needed more than just vege and meat and going all cold-turkey was not really helping.

In fact, on the second day of the diet, he threw up and seemed really lethargic. I had to cancel all classes for him that day and all he did was sleep or lie down.

I just did not want to let that one day of chelation go to waste, and seeing that he has no fever, nor was he not eating, so I continued with my dosing until ...

I woke up at 730am the next morning after the last 1am dosing on Wednesday morning ... I could have finished the round on that Wednesday 9pm or Thursday 1am but no, I have to be careless enough to set my alarm to ring at 445pm instead 445am to wake up.

I really felt as if my whole energy was drained because of having to abandon this round. 

However, after trying out ALA the week before and this week, DMSA, I noticed a big difference in giving these two chelators.

Jaden seems to fare better on DMSA compared to ALA as ALA causes him to verbal stims a lot. DMSA does not do that to him but he tends to be cranky a little on DMSA. Yeast can be quite an issue too as I saw rashes appearing bits by bits near his crotch area, and that is where they usually attack him too. 

His poo, however on a red quinoa diet, he seems to poo quite frequently, in fact almost after every meal of quinoa. The poo that comes out of him looks nasty, with specks of the quinoa skin that makes it looks as if its a sporadic poo.

It took him about three full days, after stopping the red quinoa to clear out the specks from his colon, back to the normal brown colour stool. *sigh*

Even his therapists commented that Jaden fared better this week compared to last week when he was on ALA. He was just mostly spacing out on ALA .

Jaden, on Tuesday after the puking session, although feeling lethargic, he was still as cranky as ever. I took him down to the playground during the evening and had him played on the swing, for almost 1/2 hour, letting him sweat it all out and well, that really work wonders. He became much more manageable, more calm after the swing. :)

and now he has been having the flu, and I am just taking the advantage of resting much before I continue re-chelating #Round 9 again, on DMSA until my ALA arrives from iHerb.


  1. Hi Mum :)

    I'd love to know how chelation is going as you hasnt posted in a while.

    Hope all is well!! Lots of healing,


  2. Hi Mum,

    Mind to share on the latest development?

    Any good news?

  3. What happened any progress as you stopped posting would like to know ...

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