Thursday, November 15, 2012

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol #Round 7

We just finished another round of chelation this week, only to realize we are only at #round 7. Despite saying over and over again that I would want to try out chelating solely using ALA, I chickened out and is still on DMSA.

We had a two weeks break from chelation. 

I want to say, it is because I was just feeling really really tired, knowing that I will not be able to bring myself to wake up every 4 hours for the feed for 3 nights continuously but that is just all BS. (*bullsh*t)

Those are just excuses for myself when I am being a selfish mother, taking off chelation week so I can go and enjoy concerts and sleep my ass off... pure procrastination but time waits for no man. The more I keep resting off chelation, the less chance I would be able to help Jaden recover and if he could make decisions, I bet he would want to hurry this up so he could be just like any other neurotypical children out there.

I am glad I have a fellow mummy friend, a good one at that, to keep supporting and pushing me to go on. Since I do see positive results coming from what she is doing for her son, the perseverance .. it is very inspiring to me. *sigh*

Anyway, after the two week hiatus on chelation week, I do feel recharged to take on sleepless nights again and I took the opportunity of the public holidays this week and little classes in between to do chelation on weekdays again. In fact I think its better for me as it enables me to have a good rest during weekends.

I started chelating Jaden on Monday 12th November 1pm and just ended the round today, 15th November 1pm. 

I thought I will have repeat moments like oversleeping again and nearly missing dosage hours but surprisingly, I did well this round. I wake up on time, or even before the alarm rings and got to do all the night feeds successfully. Must be because Jaden had been tired out fully during the day and he sleeps like a baby during the night. Weekdays are good, afterall eh?

Jaden was constipated on the first day of chelation, thus I gave him an OxyCleanse supplement on the second day on empty stomach, two hours after lunch/before dinner. He had a go not long after he had the supplement and his bowel movement have been consistent these two days. Shall watch out for today though because it is very very important that he needs to pee and poo daily especially during chelation to have those metals coming out of him. 

Mood wise, he was pretty ok except for yesterday's sudden crying and looking weepily sad when his friend had an outburst of excitement. Lasted for a short while though. Other than that, he was pretty well behaved throughout chelation. 

He didn't break into giggles like before, or have rashes or red bumps or red rings on anus appearing. The only thing that we could really see evident, that might be also caused by yeast flare-up, though it seems quite minor to me was Jaden jumping like a kangaroo. He was just stimming away, jumping like a kangaroo whenever he could. I am willing to take that over temper issues and red rings/bumps/rashes and giggles anytime. 

In fact, this time round, he surprised both Mr and I with... about three things.

1) Finally picking up the hand signs of "finish" without us having to prompt him
2) We heard him say "Please" albeit not clear but it sounded like that when we asked him to and attempts of making the "P" word.
3) He actually took off his own pants and walked to the toilet (toilet door was opened) and he peed into the toiletbowl without me asking him if he has to pee or bringing him to the toilet to pee. 

Wonderful isn't it when we have positive updates like these from time to time and you know its coming from chelation? or maybe it was partly OmegaBrite's helping too .. still, its the positivity that is driving me to go on. 

Cheers to another week of successful chelation. Now, where's that glass of wine for myself? :p

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