Thursday, October 25, 2012

Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol #Round 6

Since we were away visiting my mother in law last weekend, I did not get to chelate Jaden over the weekend. Knowing that I would be out from the house, away from the boy coming Saturday, I decided to chelate him during the weekday instead.

I started on #round 6 on Monday on Jaden.

We are still currently stuck on DMSA as I am planning to purchase the ALA in 25mg capsules. 

Jaden's yeast attack is quite bad this time round. Although its not attacking in behavioral, its attacking physically on his skin. Itchy rashes are appearing around his thighs, near to his private parts, and sporadic red spots near the bottom.

I am currently trying to keep the rash in control, by applying candelula and diaper cream on him to prevent further rash growth.

He, has been peeing without showing any signs of wanting to go toilet too. He usually will show signs of wanting to pee or he will stand up and take off his own pants but he has leaking pee in class a few times. I wonder if its the cause of chelation or its just him, immersed in work and play that he forgets to quickly signal for toilet time.

I had a missed dosing timing again this round. In fact, it was a bit worse off than previous. This time, it was nearly an hour missed but because of what I was told by other parents, I continued dosing Jaden and went on with my planned 'schedule'. 

Since he did not show any negative reaction and continues to remain all cheerful, calm and better in fact.. I am glad I did not abandon round. If this was my round 1 or 2, I would have most probably abandoned round.

I caught him spitting half his DMSA out too, one time and as calmly as ever, I poured out half the pre-packed DMSA and re-dosed him. Well, 5mg is rather little according to a fellow mother and there should be no harm done compared to large doses of DMSA.

DMSA can be rather taxing on the body organs so I plan to give his body a rest real soon, maybe two weeks to recover while I prep his body with more helpful supplements. 

I just can't wait to tryout ALA, but he might get into a euphoric mode I read... *sigh* Its really true isn't it, no good things will just come without the bad, and the with the bad, comes the good. Depends on which is the greater evil I would rather have ... =)

I nearly got tempted to stop at the 64hour dosing as that was the minimum hours of dosing required but luckily I did not do that. That temptation was so bad as I was really needing the sleep. Must be the time of the month coming for me too, hence the tiredness in me but I psyched myself up, telling me that its only 3 more doses.. 3 more to complete a 72hour round. Since I have already done 64hours, I can hold long enough to last through 72 hours..

Jaden suffered from constipation this time round. 3 days of not pooing at all. Its really amazing where all the waste is stored in that tiny 5 year old body. He farted last night and it was enough to put both Mr and I out, so I can imagine how the smell would be like once I make him poo today, which is A MUST and THE GOAL OF THE DAY for me today.

I have asked some parents for advise on what 'assisting' tools/supps that could help him go and I was recommended the fastest way -glycerin suppository. Of course, there are other suggestions like taking mag citrate instead of mag glycinate, drinking a ripe banana-organic dates smoothie, George's Aloe juice ... but glycerin suppository is the most easily obtained 'tool' for me at the moment so the suppository it is for now. 

Wish me luck that his diaper is big and strong enough to hold those 3 days' waste.


  1. My daughter has severe chronic constipation and autism from mercury toxicity from the vaccines she got. Mercury poisoning can cause either constipation or diarrhea, or many, many other symptoms. My daughter's been on the Andy Cutler chelation protocol for nearly three months, on both DMSA and ALA, half a 25-mg capsule of each every three hours Friday through Sunday, every four at night. She's speaking much better, which is a thrill to hear, but the protocol makes the constipation worse for a day or two on going off it on Monday. Because of the increased mercury in her blood that was pulled out of her brain and was on its way out. I give her Miralax, Natural Calm magnesium powder, Colace stool softener, and Milk of Magnesia if she still can't go. I'm so looking forward to getting all the mercury out and seeing everything improve.

  2. Also, the GFCF diet miraculously improved her constipation, and I highly recommend it.

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